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This is a multilingual dictionary of idioms made in association with Estudio Español Language School Hamburg.

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Idioms are useful in every language. This dictionary aims to help language learners incorporate idioms in to their everyday speech. 

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  • new page Out on a limb
    created by Adricla1
    New page: When someone puts them self in a risky situation. The clear allusion in this phrase is to climbing trees. All of us must remember that feeling of...
  • new page Out of the blue
    created by Adricla1
    New page: Something that suddenly and unexpectedly occurs. The "blue" in the phrase refers to the sky, one from which a sudden thunderstorm is unexpected....
  • new page On the Same Page
    created by Adricla1
    New page: When multiple people all agree on the same thing. The origins of this phrase are unclear; however, one could guess it stems from schools, where...
  • new page On The Fence
    created by Adricla1
    New page: Undecided. Or being deliberately over diplomatic I think the allusion is fairly straightforward. If I sit astride my garden fence, one leg either...
  • new page Off the record
    created by Adricla1
    New page: Something said in confidence that the one speaking doesn't want attributed to him/her. This is an American phrase and began to be used there in the...
  • new page Off the hook
    created by Adricla1
    New page: No longer have to deal with a tough situation. It is fishing slang. If you are on the hook you are caught, trapped, obligated but if you get out of...
  • new page Not the sharpest tool in the shed/knife in the draw
    created by Adricla1
    New page: Someone is stupid In English we refer to someone as sharp when they are quick witted and smart. Someone who is not the sharpest would be the...
  • new page No dice
    created by Adricla1
    New page: To not agree. To not accept a proposition. This is a US phrase and originated there in the early 20th century. Gambling with dice was illegal in...
  • new page Nest egg
    created by Adricla1
    New page: Savings set aside for future use. The allusion is to putting a real or china egg into a hen's nest to encourage her to lay. The connection between...
  • new page Mum's the word
    created by Adricla1
    New page: To keep quiet about something. The 'mum' in this phrase isn't mother. The 'mum' of 'mum's the word' is 'mmm' - the humming sound made with a closed...

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